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MCT airport NEW PASSENGERS TERMINAL operations Initiates
The first commercial operation of the new Passengers Terminal Building in Muscat International airport was initiated yesterday 20th March 2018.The initiation saw the last flight (WY153) of Omanair leaving the previous airport site for its destination in Zurich and the new facilities at the new terminal received its first flight (WY462) of Oman air coming from Najaf,Iraq.
The new Muscat International airport was designed with the Optimum airport specifications which is approved by IATA(Internation air transportation association) to serve (20 ) million passengers annually in 1PH operation.
The total capacity of Muscat International airport  will handle 20 millions travelers annually when its officially opened and will reach 56million travelers annually when the upcoming development stages are completed .IT includes  a passenger terminal of 580.000marea space  . The terminal has 3 wings (3 levels for each wings) , middle area(5 levels)  which tie the 3 wings together . it also has 3 main entrances  leading to those 3 levels as well arrivals and departures lounges for VIP.
The ,primary 3rd contract component  of the passenger terminal , included 118 booths for passport check and travel related procedures  of varied flight companies .it also included 82 booths for travel related procedures  run by  Royal Oman Police (ROP). There are also retails distributed in  the land and air sides of the terminal on an area space of 12,000 m2. Restaurants and dinning lounges were established also .the terminal incudes 2 big aircrafts gates dedicated for planes like Airbus 380 and Puwing 747  , attached with boarding bridges as well 10 luggage handling belts  where , 8 for international flights and 2 for domestic flights. The luggage-handling belt has the capacity to handle more than 5200 bag per hour with a length of 7 meters. The terminal has lounges for 1st class, businessmen class passengers as well air lines companies’ offices, vehicles renting, lastly tourism information booths and a variety of services.