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MOTC opens Al-Batinah expressway
Giving a call to overall logistics integration throughout all models of logistics, the Ministry of transport and communications has opened Batinah expressway project to be enlisted to the spreading roads network across plains and mountains. This opening is a continuation to the construction and establishment march on the road of progress and prosperity in the land of graceful Oman.
Batinah expressway spreads over 270km , connecting three Governorates togather(Muscat,North Batinah,South Batinah) .It also contains 11,400 lighting poles ,240000 global standards and quality road floor reflectors.
The road consists of 4 lanes in each side with external and internal shoulders. The designers of the project took into account top global technical safety standards that pushes the project forward into competing with not just regional peers but global ones.
For a more secure traffic flow on the road , the Ministry has constructed  (52) concrete facilities which included (23 interchanges ,17 flyovers,12 underpasses,25 Wadi bridges,1,106 box culverts .The road can accommodate to all weather conditions and the total design wind speed for the road will be 198 in certain parts.
This project was a major achievement that came through the unique effort of the Ministry’s engineers and its staff from all majors as well the implementers and supervisory companies.
When we take a closer look to the features of the project, we will find out that it is brimming with constructive and efficient contribution to achieve the strategic vision of the Government. This bore fruition when it aims to reduce travel time from and to Muscat into All governorate that lies in its path. The road is considered safer than any other current roads due to the ease of traveling in it, its wide lanes and the ever-smooth flow of traffic. The road contains traffic safety facilities like iron fences, wire fences, concrete protective barriers, road floor paintings, reflectors traffic and guiding signboards. The Road will encourage and bolster the economic, commercial and tourism flow along, other than generating a variety of new investment opportunities, which will lead eventually to diversification of revenue.
Batinah expressway will drive an acceleration to the urban development along the road, strengthening the social bonds .it is one of key aspects of the national economy in transport sector, and logistics, which is according the Ministry’s policy, will be the second source of revenue to the local economy. This project generated many job opportunities during its construction stage to many local import companies.
Reaching this moment was not easy, we have faced many challenges and to overcome them, we have rescheduled our tasks, study the challenges then place the best and realistic solutions.
Six years of hard work from, we have first constructed the first package in April 2012 to 7th of May 2017.We have shared many concerned authorities efforts in this journey. All thanks and appreciation to them.
The ministry doesn’t stop at this but will complete the development in implementing new road links to Batinah expressway like (AlAqda road link,AlSuwaiq road link ,Saham road link) which some of them nearing completion like  AlAqda link. I hope that we are going to announce their completion and construction phases in accordance to project time schedule.