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MOTC controls overload with portable weighing stations

The Ministry of Transport and Communications ensured that the work on controlling and monitoring excessive load on trucks is being implemented constantly. The ministry will work on the process Cooperation with The Royal Oman police. The ministry stated that a number of weighing stations will be placed on the new Bidbid-Sur road,Batinah expressway and Adam-Thamreet road. The practice will also expand be bolstering the monitoring process through adding a number of portable weighing scales.


The Ministry explained that the excessive load of trucks gives a negative impact on the road network, causing it to be damaged before its intended time and age .The monitoring of such weights will sustain the capacity and period of the road network. The ministry showed a statistic of the weight violators, which indicated a decrease in their numbers.


The ministry added that , there is a work in progress , to study the use of advance technologies and methods for managing .monitoring and repairing road network assets , through roads management system. The ministry  in cooperation with Royal Oman Police , is constantly preserving the safety of such roads and its validity.


The ministry explained that there is a positive correlation between the increase of trucks and the development of roads network. The implementation of weighing station proved affective to preserve the virtual life of the road network on the long-term s well reduce its maintenance costs.