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MOTC opens Barka-Al-Hazem part of Batinah Expressway
The Ministry of Transport and Communications has opened today an additional portion of Batinah expressway project for the traffic. The newly opened 45km starts from Barka-Nakhil interchange and continuous to Al-Hazem, thus the total opened lengths will reach 81 out of the total length of the project.
This portion will provide an alternative road for the traffic flowing in the current Batinah dual carriageway road, especially traffic coming from Al-Rustaq and the one originating from Ibri-Rustaq road, thus making their trip to Muscat much easier. This portion will also serve a number of villages as well tourism sites located near this artery, such as Al-Abyadh villages,Al-Aqdah,Jamaa and Khubat Al-Qudan sand dunes. 
With the opening of  this portion , the ministry has finished the 1st package completely , which is starting from the End of Muscat expressway (Halban intersection) until Khubat Al-Qadaan with (45km).this package includes  (5 interchanges),(5 flyovers),(2 wadi crossings) ,one underpass ,one camels pass and the installation of 235 box culverts.
Within the same perspective, there is work in progress in the rest of and in accordance to the timetable, the ministry works with efforts in constructing Batinah expressway, which starts from the End of Muscat Expressway (Halban interchange) until Khutmat Al-Melahah located in Wellayat of Shinas with a total length of (272Km).
The Batinah expressway project was divided into 6 packages  that includes (4lanes in each side ) of 3,75m wide , a (3.5m)wide middle traffic island , 3m external shoulders , 2m internal shoulders ,(31) wadi crossing bridges , 23 interchanges as well locations for police traffic patrol parking and ambulance.
The ministry of transport and communications is progressing with the implementation of this vital project  in all its parts . In the 2nd package which starts from  Khubat Al-Qadan until Wadi Al Hemli in Suwaiq which is (44,75km)  , the construction is progressing  in this part  which includes  (4 interchange),1 flyover , 7 wadi crossing bridges , 2 underpasses ,(165) box culverts , and one rest area . 18 km for this part will be opened with the 1st package which starts from Khubat Al-Qadan and ends in Al-Hazem area located in Al-Rustaq.
Batinah expressway significance lies in being a continuation for the Muscat expressway and an alternative for the current Batinah road as well an international road that links Oman with the neighboring countries. It also facilitates travel between Wellayats of Batinah governorate. The road will contribute in opening horizons for new urban expansion in the area and more significance to it came after transform Sultan Qaboos port into a tourism port and relocating the commercial activities to Suhar industrial port that in itself will increase transport activities in Batinah Governorates.