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Civil aviation sector 
The ministry is overseeing the general policies as well placing law and legislations for civil aviation sector. It supervised the implementation of airport projects in the Sultanate. 
Concerning the regulation of this sector as well enhance its performance, PACA was established by a Royal decree (33/2013) to provide the sector an independent finance and administration. This will enable the Authority to promote civil aviation sector as well holding its responsibilities in top levels, also in a way which ensures the safety, flow and security of air traffic in the Omani sky .Concerning the management and operating of airports, the (OMAC) is assigned to do so side by side with the national transporter (OmanAir) which operates the airlines and flights.
The ministry is currently carrying out a number of projects in civil aviation sector; one of them is developing Muscat international Airport. The development  of Muscat airport consists of   constructing a terminal with a capacity of (12) million passengers  annually (1phase)  also the development of Salalah Airport .the two projected were divided into (13) packages .they field works included constructing  roads and bridges leading to the airport as well runways, taxiways and aprons .concerning the main buildings for the 2 airports it includes designing  a terminal with wings for passengers movement , also  arrival and departures lounge equipped with the latest devices to provide convenience for travelers. The project also included air traffic control tower, a complex for meteorology and air navigation air cargo buildings, aircraft hangars. The ministry inaugurated the new runway in Muscat international airport and its related facilities as well meteorology and air navigation complex plus the PACA new building .all of them was inaugurated in 14 December , 2014.Currently, the completion process of constructing  3 local airport is on the move .the three airports will be in Sohar(N.Batina governorate),Duqm(Wusta Governorate) and  Ras AlHadd(S.Shrqya).the establishment of these three airports will facilitate traveling as well enhancing the economic ,social and tourism movement in the Sultanate. Within the perspective of the ministry to pursue the benefits from the completed Airports projects’ packages ,it started the operation of Duqm Airport in 23,july,2014 to in collaboration  the celebration of the renaissance day, alike is  the operating of Sohar airport in 18,November, 2014 which accompanied the celebration of the national day. The two airport operated by a temporarily terminal for travelers until the completion of the 3rd package, which includes the establishment of a new terminal for travelers and passengers.
For more information on PACA tasks and events visit the following URL:www.paca.gov.om