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Oman Railway Project
Oman railway project is considered to be one of the major and strategic projects that will contribute in achieving a sustainable development at all levels in the country. This will be achieved by the role it will play in connecting the development centers in the country. In addition, the project will add a new pattern of transportation in the region, due to its capabilities of transporting large quantities of goods and merchandises as well large number of passengers for long distance and with low operating cost. This project also aims to enable the transport sector in the sultanate to be vital, effective and substantial to the Omani economy. This can happen by connecting the sultanate ports with the other ports in the region. As a result, ports will be promoted   in order to be main hubs playing a major role in the region. Particularly, the project will open new horizons on diversifying in-revenue and empowering commercial movement in the country. This will allow Oman to be a commercial, industrial and logistic attracting platform which will led to finding new investment opportunities in which it will positively impact the GDP. 
The project’s advisory services for the primary design were assigned to an Italian Company called (Etalvier).  Primary designs of all project Segment1of the project which connect Buraimi with Sohar has been completed. All project segments primary designs expected to be complete by January, 2016.
The Omanrail Company, in Feburary 2014, invited the companies carrying out railway projects constructions and systems technology for pre-qualification tender. The pre-qualifying process was conducted in   July/2014, in which a number of (18) collation were qualified as a main contractor for the infrastructure and (5) for systems technology .The detailed design tender of segment 1 (buraimi-Sohar) was floated for the qualified companies in 21 August, 2014.
The Oman rail company is currently studying the best options for operating and maintaining railway as well researching the selection of the best option. The company also is currently training (40) Omani fresh engineers who are graduated in various engineering areas (civil, electric, mechanical), in order to be specialized in designing railways courses, communications systems, architecture designing  and station construction, railway tunnels and bridges. They are trained by the initial design advisor (Etalvier). The company also studying to establish a railway institute specialized in maintaining, operating and management which will be announced later.
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