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Ibri/Jebreen dualization (2nd phase,part2) Transport
Ibri/Jebreen dualization (2nd phase,part1) Transport
initial visualisation and general scheme for developing Harat Al Shamal in Mattrah region Ports & Marine Affairs
design and complete construction works in Sent-Wadi Al-a’ala,in Dakhlya Transport
constructing AlAynya/Al-boori/Spmra road Transport
Blad seet road design and construction Transport
Protective works in Hay AlTurath-Ghbra ,Nizwa,Al-Dkhlya governorate Transport
design and implement rehabilitation works in Sayyh Qatnah road in Al-Jabal Al-Akhdhar Transport
design and pave internal roads in Al-Mamoura area ,Wellayat Bahla Transport
Adam-Thamreet Dualization (1st part) Transport
Bidbid/Sur Dulization (1st phase part1) Transport
Nazwa-Thamreet road (2nd part) Transport
construct a road inside The Sultan special forces camp in Hayma Transport
Adam-Thamreet Dualization (2nd part) Transport
construct Dhank-Al-Khyb(phase2) Transport
Construct an asphalt road from Billad Al-Shahom to Al-Hajr in Wellayat Ibri Transport
Ibri-Yanqwl Dualization (2nd phase) Transport
Ibri-Jebreen dualization (2nd phase) part 2 Transport
Ibri/Aldreez/Maskan road dualization Transport
design and construct linking roads in Maqnyat and Maskan ,Wellayat Ibri Transport
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